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[Cellop®] Digital Cell imaging equipment

Super-resolution imaging and A.I. recognition technology

– Large view, Long focusing and high resolution
– Automatic cell recognition through AI learning
– GMP Certificated for QC equipment
– Observation of cells during protein interaction or drug

[DELISA®] Extremely sensitive POCT platform

Digital antigen diagnostics with microfluidic chip and high-resolution portable reader

– Super-para magnetic beads conjugation
– Digital diagnostics of sandwich ELISA
– Lensless digital in-line microscope
– Super-resolution algorithm
– A.I. recognition algorithm


Disposable microfluidic chip using only interfacial energy for the flow without external machine

– Material : Glass & Plastics
– Resolution: 2 micron

Lensless digital inline microscope

– Image sensor : CMOS
– Focusing method : Image reconstruction
– Field of view : various, but large
– Processor time : Under 5 min.
– Price : USD 300

R&D Services

– Bead Conjugation protocol
– MEMS sensor fabrication
– Optical / Electrical analysis
– Image processing
– Algorithm